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Buying a Bassinet

What to look for when buying a bassinet? What is the deciding factor? Good questions and the answers change with each family and each baby. However there are some essential things to look for in a bassinet that will assure your bassinet choice is the right one for you.

Buying a Bassinet


Bassinet size and dimensions should be considered when you buy bassinet. That is a very broad term but includes a couple of important factors. Dimensions in the bassinet will determine if the bassinet will fit through your doorways. If it is a travel unit if then it will need to fit in your trunk or storage area and of course how it will look in the room. Continue reading

Tips for Tidying Up Frequent Baby Spills

Experts say that playtime is the work of a child. This is right for all children, but especially for babies; so don’t be worried of messy playtimes. What can be scary are the leaks, spit up, or spills that can happen when we are not expecting them! We have included some fantastic tips on ways to clean up after things gets messy, and the best supplies for the job.

Incredible Baby Wipes

There are a few tools you’ll absolutely need in your possession. Baby Wipes should be sprinkled generously through your home, office and vehicles. They are your best friend. Treat them with respect. Disposable diapers are handy, not only for their intended purpose, but for attacking large volumes of liquid of any type! And of course, the cloth diaper. Long a perennial favorite, washable and reusable, I really once tied one into a rosette and pinned it to my coat which had just taken a baby spit hit right before Church!

Baby Wipes Continue reading

When To Start Tummy Time?

I was wondering when to start tummy time, as I have heard from a few friends how important it is to a baby’s development.

This is a very good question and one that all parents should be aware of. As you will read below, giving your baby an ample amount of opportunities to have tummy time is vital to her development.

Baby Tummy Time

Years ago it was recommended that babies be put to sleep on their tummies, so they naturally were getting plenty of tummy time and it was never something that parents had to concern themselves with. However, studies began to link babies sleeping on their stomachs to SIDS, which is why it is now strongly recommended by all experts and pediatricians that you put your baby to sleep on her back.

Baby Tummy Time

This of course means that your baby will not be spending very much time on her tummy unless she learns how to roll over. This is of course a catch-22, as tummy time is an extremely important exercise for helping her to roll over. Continue reading

First Foods For Baby

Can you tell me what the best first foods for my baby are?

If you have been a reader of our site for any length of time, you will know that we strongly emphasize to all parents that you should hold off starting your baby on solids until he is at least six months of age or older. There is a lot of information out there that encourages parents to start their babies on solids at four months of age. However, many experts will tell you that this is a bad idea, because the digestive system of a baby this young is really quite immature.

You are not doing your baby any favors by starting him on solids at an early age. In fact, you may be doing more harm than good. Babies who are given solids at this age may develop food allergies or experience diarrhea or constipation. The reality is that babies simply do not even need solid foods for the first year of their life to thrive. Giving your baby formula or breast milk will be all the nutrition that he needs until he is at least 12 months. The only reason you are giving your baby solids in the first year of his life, is to teach him how to eat like an adult.

So with that said, there should be no rush to start your baby on solids.

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