Buying a Bassinet

What to look for when buying a bassinet? What is the deciding factor? Good questions and the answers change with each family and each baby. However there are some essential things to look for in a bassinet that will assure your bassinet choice is the right one for you.

Buying a Bassinet


Bassinet size and dimensions should be considered when you buy bassinet. That is a very broad term but includes a couple of important factors. Dimensions in the bassinet will determine if the bassinet will fit through your doorways. If it is a travel unit if then it will need to fit in your trunk or storage area and of course how it will look in the room.

Weight and Mobility

Bassinet weight and mobility limits are essential to buying a bassinet. Bassinets are ideal newborn sleep spaces, small, soft and comforting. However each bassinet manufacturer and designer will have suggested weight limits to the size of the infant. This is a safety factor and the bases are not engineered to support much more in terms of weight. Mobility restrictions are also of a concern. Bassinets are intended in general for infants who can’t roll over or sit up. Using a bassinet beyond that point can be dangerous for the baby as falls are possible.


Bassinet Materials determine not only looks but how well this bassinet will endure. If you want a heirloom quality bassinet that is intended to see many years of hard use then perhaps a wood bassinet or steel bassinet frame is a good choice. The materials a bassinet is constructed from don’t influence just the decor but also the longevity of this essential piece of baby furniture.


Colors in bassinets make for the right nursery look.  If you found the perfect size and shape bassinet then you still should be sure it comes in a range of colors that match your intended decor. Perhaps you want a bright color scheme or a natural wood centered look, then be sure the bassinet you have chosen comes in just the right color choice.


Bassinets are not all just one shape. At one time there was a single shape for any bassinet. It was practical and pretty much the same as every other bassinet. Now though you can choose a round bassinet, an oval bassinet, or a modernistic sleek styled bassinet. Some wider bassinets may have trouble fitting through less than standard size doorways so keep this in mind and check dimensions.  Is the bassinet intended to roll from room to room? Then you want to be sure that is possible in your home.

Bassinet Variations

  • Co-Sleepers

Co-sleepers for bassinets are gaining in popularity. After a movement away from co-sleeping we are drifting back to co-sleeper bassinets because of the benefits to both parents and infant. Mothers may well consider a co-sleeper bassinet essential for the bottle fed baby as well as the breastfed baby as it makes nurturing and feeding and monitoring the infant during the night so much easier. Designs in co-sleeper bassinets vary and some will stand alone beside the bed, a few are made to create an infant sleep area in the bed and some hook on to the side of the bed. Take into account your bed design and room size when choosing a co-sleeper bassinet.

  • Multipurpose and Convertible Bassinets

Why not choose a convertible bassinet? If you are a multitasking mom then why not ask your baby bassinet to do the same? A convertible bassinet may well be right up your alley with a standard or travel bassinet serving more than one purpose. Multitasking bassinets save space, extend the life of the bassinet and make traveling with a newborn much simpler.

Bassinet Bedding

Some other things to look for when choosing a bassinet might include bedding. The first question to ask is does the baby bassinet come with bedding, liners, bumper pads, or hood covers? Bassinet bedding should be easily available for your chosen bassinet. Looking to buy bassinet bedding? Bassinet bedding sets are convenient and give your nursery a coordinated look. Do you want a hood? Or does the eyelet and lace skirting appeal to you? How practical is the material that comes in the bedding sets? Will it need special care?


Finally be sure that there are no extra pieces required for full function in the bassinet that you forgot. For instance buying a stroller base for a stroller bassinet system without buying the bassinet piece might not allow it full function. Most will come in full sets but be sure and check you do not need extra parts.
There are so very many styles and so many different styles and brands of bassinets that buying a bassinet can be quite an ordeal. Hopefully this quick buying a bassinet guide helps you through the process.

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