A review of some of the best double jogging strollers available today

As a first-time parent, it is very important that you get back on schedule with your training and start getting rid of all that post-pregnancy fat. But you will have a newborn to take care of as well. What do you do with them? You can’t just leave them alone now can you? You may be considering another baby in the near future too. So perhaps it’s time for you to get a double jogging stroller? But how do you know which one to get? That’s where this article will come into the picture. Here are a few of the best double jogging stroller reviews. Choose any of them and you will surely face very little trouble:

InStep Safari double stroller swivel

InStep Safari double stroller swivel

This is the perfect choice for active parents. The swiveling front wheel makes it so much easier for you to maneuver tight corners or through heavy crowds and the additional option of unlocking the wheel makes it easier for you to run long distances with your little one too. The 12″ front and 16″ rear pneumatic tires with molded rims provide the best of style and performance. The dual fin grip cup holders and parent tray just makes it so much more convenient to use. The dual trigger folding mechanism gives you uncompromised safety, the rubberized grip is very comfortable and resistant to slipping. There really is no reason to not buy this stroller.

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight

These are one of the manufacturers who appear to have the best interests of the parents in mind when they design their products. They are always trying to give you the best quality products and offer excellent features at a reasonable price. This product is no different from the rest. The seat is wide and has side mesh pockets which are terrific for storing small toys or sippy cups. It comes with a giant canopy and a big peekaboo window, a runaway strap, non-adjustable handlebar and large storage basket. What more could you want?

BOB Revolution Pro/Flex/SE

This stroller is extremely cheap and is the best convertible stroller out there today. It delivers the smoothest rides and is a great jogging stroller. The seat comes with mesh pockets and the storage basket is pretty decent. There are a couple of interior pockets for you to use as well. The front wheel on this stroller is truly special with its fine-tune control that lets you correct any drag which occurs while you are running. The suspension can fine tune almost any shock as well and the best part is that you can tweak them depending on how heavy your child is.

Baby Jogger Summit X3

This is another excellent swivel wheel stroller for jogging purposes. It is a little more expensive than the BOB though. It has quite a tall seat and the 5-pt harness is padded and brilliant. It doesn’t get easily undone either. The runaway strap is a nifty feature which will prevent the stroller from getting away from you unintentionally. It also has a trim feature for the front wheel which makes it easier for you to track it perfectly while running. This is vital for those looking for an uninterrupted, nice job. The buckle, wheel switch and canopy are pretty nice too.

Chicco Tre

This stroller shouldn’t be overlooked at any cost, especially since you can use it as a car seat too. It is a brilliant all-in-one stroller and can be used for almost any purpose imaginable. It is a little heavier than most strollers but the recline is one-handed and most probably the easiest out of all the strollers available today. The seat is nice and comfy too. It comes with a hand operated brake and the parking brake is attached to the same control too. This means that there is no separate brake pedal which may get in the way of your stride while you jog. The handlebar can be adjusted fully too. The storage basket is pretty big and it even comes with a standing mode feature which helps ensure the stroller remains clean when not in use.

Any serious jogger will certainly fall in love with these strollers and if you haven’t chosen the stroller for you yet, pick one from the above and rest assured that you have made the right choice.

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