Why do people abuse children

Father, a mother, and two children do not always stand for the definition of a perfectly happy family. Do you know why? Parents often lose control over their tempers. This, in turn, results in abusing their children in the process. The reasons can be many. Here is a study about why do people abuse children discussing the various reasons and aspects of child abuse.

Almost every family have incidents which can be pointed at where parents have fallen short of been ideal parents. Perhaps a point of frustration might be one of the reasons. They must have lost their mind for a moment and somehow been abusive to the youngsters. By definition, abusing of a child can include a series of forms such as maltreatment of severe nature, physical abuses, emotional abuses, sexual abuses, verbal abuses, and sometimes even physical neglect. Even a case of rare outburst by short-tempered parents losing their temper leads to a permanent damage on their children.

Parental neglect

In this case, a child gets little or almost no supervision at his home. This can lead to tragic consequences and sometimes permanent injuries of irreversible nature. It might not pose an immediate threat or damage to the children, but in the long run, a repeated and prolonged neglect in the basic needs affects a lot. These may include clothing, medical care, shelter, education, nutrition or nurturance. These might be one of the answers to why do people abuse children. These can lead to adverse effects on the social, physical, emotional and developmental aspects of a child. These child abuse cases are on a steep rise and are increasing dramatically every year. Alcohol and societal drug problems, and poverty stricken children seem to add to the problem and fuel them. Often household members other than parents, like close relatives, or elder siblings or any other member causes abuses towards the children. There may be some reasons contributing to the child abuse which includes both external and internal factors pressurizing on a family. Parents with problems like job stress, marital stresses or financial strains, their frustration and anger pose a danger to strike their children out.

Physical abuse of a child

Human behaviors give us an idea about the parents who abuse their young ones. Those parents who abuse their children were themselves abused physically in their childhood. Due to their tortured and abused childhood, they seem to intimidate the physical and verbal abuses and shower them on their children while teaching them lessons on disciplines. The use of violence and force toward people affects the children and gets inflicted upon them. Children are often exposed to domestic violence where the husband and the wife involve themselves in physical battles. Risks of abuses are increased stresses from alcoholism to illness to poverty exist.

If someone comes across a suspected abused child, perhaps a nephew or a niece, a classmate, a child in his locality or neighborhood, it becomes his responsibility to get involved and help. A school is a second home for a child. A teacher is the first one to notice the changes in the emotional condition, physical appearance, and behavior. Studying these changes, he can identify if a child is in trouble, is abused or hurt. In adverse cases and extremities, children often die out of these abuses or victimized badly.

A normal child is found with bumps and bruises coming from regular playing, fights with friends, etc. However if these bruises and other injuries are found on body parts like cheeks, ears, buttocks, thighs, mouth, stomach or other places, should raise a suspicion. Human bite marks, black eyes, or even burns with round cigarette shapes are not indications of daily play. Safety and protection of a child should be the priority. Proper counseling of parents is required so that they take more care of their children and become successful in raising them and giving them a free, happy and bright future devoid of abuses.

Emotional abuses

Neglecting a child and refusing them the emotional support, care and love is also a form of abuse. This form of abuse of a child is the most damaging and pervasive. Ridiculing, calling names, belittling, criticizing unreasonably and being disrespectful toward the young ones result in significant emotional aftermaths and other repercussions in the long run. A child’s self-esteem and self-image often get impaired as a result of emotional abuses. This puts his ability to function ably and normally on the question. He might refuse to make friends, participate in any form of activities as other children, and refuse to do any other such interactions. Difficulties in learning, having problems with things or hyperactivity might also be developed. A pseudo-maturity might crop up in his personality which causes immense damage in future character traits.

Signs of abuses

Why do people abuse children has become an urgent emergency case which needs to be attended immediately and with utter care. There are some signs by which an abused child might be detected.

  • The child appears passive, withdrawn and depressed and often break down into tears
  • He has had injuries of unusual nature repeatedly
  • He seems to be unusually destructive, aggressive and disruptive
  • He seems very afraid of facing his parents
  • He might develop nightmares and troubles in sleeping
  • He is hesitant to go back to his home and spends most of the time in the in playing at the ground
  • His mother or father remain isolated and refuse normal socializing in the neighborhood.

This is the reason where sometimes physically abused children are made are made to leave their homes and put into foster homes devoid of any abuses where they can be safe, at least for a temporary period. The question of why do people abuse children can only be met with a proper solution be we are alert of our surrounding and raise a voice against those who abuse their children or others’ children.

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