Infant massage

1. Infant massage in the developing stage

The baby becomes hyperactive because began to discover himself and curious about the world around them. Parents should be aware of this to find massage methods best infant baby without being cramped.

Until the time the baby is 3 or 4 months, you’ll be able to see more baby formula during the day (and thus hope that the baby will sleep more at night).

Some reflexes in babies will be reduced and replaced by self-conscious activities.

Your baby will be able to interact more with how to pronounce and body expression. We can begin to turn when you’re being massaged.

If you have been infant massages regularly, we can show the response by cooperating with you. On the other hand, if they are active, you should change the way a massage under the baby’s expression to help them develop curiosity as well as physical ability. For example, if the baby faces backswing, you should massage the back. The baby moves through the massage supine upper part. If he wants to sit, sat firmly support and massage the arms and hands.

Remember infant massage in the cheek and the ear of baby teething stage to relieve pain and congestion.

A lot of things happened in the period from birth to age 6 to 12 months. Babies seem to be doing most of the bent posture, rolling, sitting, crawling, and dragging to sit or stand. If they become hyperactive during a massage, you should try another position change, bribe children with toys, can massage the baby strong or lighter, or do nothing. Try a massage in rhythm, tell a story or sing during a massage. Share your feelings with joy and humor him.

2. Massage for Toddlers

Like babies, baby walker bigger developing curiosity about the world around them and to experience themselves. Sometimes because of hyperactivity, they can cause negative effects for themselves, so the infant massage can be considered therapy to ease the suppression in children.

The most amazing thing about massage for babies is the stroking pat this change with time the child gets older.

If you massage your baby regularly in a certain time period, they may be very interested in just sprawled out enjoying this relaxation therapy or may want to be more massages and Control everything at will.

In both cases, you have no reason to worry. Please adhere to the principles of respect and love, and change behavior as the case children expression.

Children should be instructed in self-hygiene and decide for themselves what kind of underwear.

If wearing any underwear during infant massage is important, let them decide that.

Toddlers begin to develop vocabulary and interest in the use of them by talking or singing to get a massage.

Even children may want to try a massage for you!

Toddlers are busy child citizens. We sometimes feel frustrated by too great curiosity. There are many things we want to do but not always do to satisfy curiosity. Baby massage is a wonderful opportunity for children to forget about it, take away all the pent-up emotions and not repeat things just happen. Massage also helps to include the coordination of the brain and body, supporting self-adjusting mechanism when the mood and physical stress-both are useful for the journey of the young toddlers.

Baby massage is an experience for both you and baby. It reminded them both that you care so much about each other.

3. Infant massage: Preparation

To perform a full body massage full baby, you will need about 30 minutes.

Your baby will need to be quiet, this means that you should not let your baby is hungry and too dense, not too awake or drowsy to sleep soon after.

In the first months will usually only 1 or 2 good times of day to massage your baby, but when she gets older, this point will appear more often, and more accustomed to being massaged, the aforementioned time as easily appear.

In case the time is limited, you can still review and selection of infant massage to save more time.

Preparation for full body massage

  • Prepare a space on the floor in a warm room (comfortable enough to baby wearing nothing, while you warm up a lot).
  • Set up on this place a rug and make sure you have a backrest, certainly while seated massages. On the top of the carpet, place a mat and changing them or can use the yoga mat and towel to the government. Prepare a towel or blanket to add any more to wrap the baby if necessary. May need to add both diapers and paper towels, and prepared for oil or lotion massage.
  • Turn off the phone.
  • Wear comfortable, not so long fingernails or jewelry to wear the baby skin from scratches.
  • Turn on some soothing music both you and baby are like. It’s best to choose music with rhythm matching speed will massage your baby. Note the volume should not be too large, so you and your child can listen to each other.
  • You should also give your baby a warm bath before the start, which helps increase the relaxing, special help for the baby to have a deep sleep.
  • When putting down carpet baby massage has prepared the above, you sit in your feet to either side and put her in the middle of your foot closer, help her feel secure and support the process of eye contact between you and your baby.
  • Ask if your child is like the whole body massage. To see your baby oil or lotion bottle opener massage, take a small amount out and warmed in the palm. These moves are a signal to her that you will massage your baby. For children recognize this preparation process helps build trust and cooperation, as well as making the process followed massage became easier when she was ready.

The preparation for some type of infant massage with shorter time

  • Adjusted fully flexible steps mentioned above.
  • The surface used for the massage should always be guaranteed so safe.
  • Always be sure that the baby is warm and always consult your baby.
  • Apply some techniques to help shorten the time as can rub them on each side of the spine through baby clothes, or you just need to massage your baby face and hands, or just pants to massage your baby’s feet. Also during diaper changes, you can also right abdominal massage your baby to reduce problems such as constipation or abdominal pain.

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