Pregnancy Information

Before you know you are pregnant, you may not think you need to know about this information. But the emotion and joy are filled, you start will have 1001 questions about the physical changes of pregnancy.

We strive to provide more detailed information about pregnancy to satisfy the “thirst” for knowledge of this wonderful period of your life. But do not forget to choose the Best Pregnancy Pillows for the budget 2015 to take care of your sleep. Pregnancy complications can sometimes occur, and you should also know the signs as a precaution.

Consult a doctor, specialist in information during pregnancy, antenatal care.

For many women, the first thing they care about is their own health. This is absolutely correct. For peace of mind, the first thing is that you should contact your doctor for advice and care. Through a blood test, the doctor will confirm the pregnancy and give the necessary instructions for you to prepare a health care plan before birth.

Information about the stages of pregnancy

You may be curious about what is happening in his belly at the moment. You will find more interesting if you can observe the development of the baby through an ultrasound screen. Therefore, you should register ultrasound little rhythm to the day from the early stages. To learn more about baby development stage how, in addition to periodic ultrasound, you can also read more guidance pregnancy care of us.

The method of calculating the date of birth

  • Please fill in the details to calculate the date of birth you as follows:
  • The first day of the last menstrual period
  • The number of days of your normal menstrual period

* Note: This is the result of conjecture. Your child will be born when he is ready. Your doctor may ANC put more precise birth date.

Share information

It is interesting to track the development of the baby; the small steps will help parents begin to form a bond with the child. This is especially true for the father because he did not get to experience the change in your body and hormones as the mother. However, the father was completely overwhelmed with emotion in the moment. Please share the information found on the stage of pregnancy with her husband to let him feel involved and responsible. Keep in mind the creation of baby and mother fatherhood is because both “cooperation”, you have to give the father has information to both reduce anxiety.

News public should also pregnant with family members; especially grandparents are the External people expect their grandchildren. Grandparents are also equally excited you. They will start to pay more attention to the baby born to wait.

Too much information about pregnancy

You will see that your pregnancy will bring a series of the unexpected deluge of information from everyone, from friends, colleagues, large and small to generations of their families.

Not always you also want to get all the information, especially the stories from the older generation, such as an aunt, grandmother, etc. But usually; it is the way people express interest bearing period your pregnancy.

When not to notice the good news?

Typically, people will be happy to know the information you are pregnant. But not all family members, colleagues or friends are warmly expressed rejoiced with you. Be prepared to not get frustrated when things do not go as expected. Many people also do not like the baby, or just enjoy their baby.

Also, remember the workplace is not always an ideal place to talk about whether you are pregnant. Your colleagues may feel uncomfortable about what information your private life and they do not need to hear too many details about it.


This is the place that you do not just find the advices of how taking care of pregnant women, some tips of how to balance and help you to not only providing the best condition for the babies but also look after for both mother and kids.

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