Everything pregnant women should know during 20-week fetus (part 1)

This week, your baby is the size of a small doll sold at stores selling children’s toys. The shape of the baby at this time is not much different from that doll.

At week 20, the baby’s eyelids are still closed but can distinguish between light and dark. Near the end of the period, they will start to open your eyes and the eyes work harder to prepare to become familiar with the external environment after birth. One of the reasons your areola now started to become darker as to make it easy to find baby pacifiers to breastfeeding due to the color contrast than the surrounding breast tissue. Even if you have no intention of breastfeeding mothers, the process of changing the color of the areola still occur naturally.

If you like shopping, you should buy a toy for black and white infants. Toys help babies become familiar with the external environment often contrasting colors so. By week 10, the baby’s retina will improve and can recognize different colors.

You do not find suitable clothes in the closet anymore!

Perhaps this is the time you need to invest quite a lot of clothes for his election. If you are not comfortable to wear maternity clothes, you can choose what kind of pants, skirts and shorts with elastic waist. Pregnancy Period dressed shabbily over! You wear what you feel most comfortable with, because your baby will feel that feeling, and this is good for the development of the baby.

Changes in the body during pregnancy week 20

From here until the end of 26 weeks, your uterus continues strong stretch. You start to feel a little difficulty breathing because lung capacity recording. But rest assured, because hands are magical creation. At this point, your chest is raised above to create more space and gradually shift to the lower ribs on either side. Your bones are “stretch” as the stretchy pants you’re wearing it.

Indigestion and heartburn continue to recur as a result of the sex hormone progesterone, relaxes the ligaments in the pelvis. The hormone also relaxes the muscles of the intestinal wall so the active digestive system will have difficulty than usual. You should be careful with the curries and kebabs whether rising cravings. If you cannot stop craving, you would have heartburn and indigestion.

Make room constipation by eating foods rich in fiber and drink plenty of water. You should be careful with the type of bread and pasta dishes prepared for this difficult to digest at this stage. If you have difficulty using the toilet, you should consult your doctor to help solve offline!

You can feel legs and your ankles begin to swell. Your body is more water than usual volume. Swelling also occurs when you stand for long. Tips for you now are to choose comfortable shoes, slightly wider for easier sliding on foot rather than size. Just a few weeks from now you will see that he really choose wisely for wider shoes!

You’ve thought about naming your baby yet?

This is a seemingly simple topic but can occupy a lot of your time there. Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones available on the name for their child. If not, you should look up books, visit the website or detector family genealogy to find a good name, meaningful and appropriate for children. When going out, notice whether any names or where you happen to hear no. You keep quiet itself will also change your mind several times; because, after all, the name of your beloved child must weigh properly considered, is not any!


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