Debunking common myths about cloth diapers

Cloth diapers have been victims of cheap propaganda from the advocates of disposable diapers. One of the features of genuine diaper reviews is the ability to give facts as they are concerning the product at hand. Since the advent of disposable diapers, its proponents have greatly succeeded to keep the masses under their locks and keys of lies being spread about cloth diapers.

But since the cloth is making a serious comeback with no end in sight, it is important that we set the record straight so that families can be able to make informed decisions when they opt to go for cloth diapers. It is therefore the aim of this article to debunk since of the most ridiculous myths that have been flying around in the heads of many modern mothers and fathers. See more about best cloth diaper reviews at

Cloth diapers will make you a poop mom

The first and most popular myth is that when you use cloth diapers, you are going to become a poop mom who will walk around with smelling hands. But the truth is that you don’t need to necessarily handle poop in order to change or wash cloth diapers.

Cloth diapers are for our grandmothers and they will make you “smell old school”

Another myth that the disposable crusaders have managed to cement into the heads of naïve mother is that using cloth diapers ion the 21st century makes you old school and “analogue”. This is a farfetched myth because anyone who lives in the present knows too well that modern cloth diapers are aesthetically superior to their disposable counterparts. If you believe that cloth diapers are old school then you are the one who is living in the past. This is because it is partially true to state that the diapers our grandmothers used looked “old fashioned” compared to modern disposable diapers.

However, it is utterly ridiculous and presumptuous to say that the modem cloth diaper is in any way old school and comparable to what our mothers and grandmothers used. If you don’t believe, take a look at the photo above and tell me if there is anything “old school” about it.

It is very expensive to buy cloth diapers

This is another myth that has taken root in the minds of many innocent mothers. They are told that it is very cheap to buy disposable diapers and that you need a fortune to buy a pack of cloth diapers. But what these crusaders don’t tell you is that you will continue buying the so-called cheap diapers every week until your baby is three years. They never tell you that you will spend at least $2,500 by the time your baby graduates from diapers.

What about the cloth? You will only need to invest $500 once for all and there you are! What is more fantastic is that you will still use the same diapers on the other children that you will give birth to. Anyway, cloth diapers can be reusable, therefore you can save a lot money if comparing with disposable diapers. You can refer to some reusable diapers reviews and choose the best

You need to keep washing diapers everyday

This is another myth that is used to scare off lazy mothers that cloth diapers will keep them in the bathroom forever. But the truth is that an average mother washes cloth diapers after every 2-3 days. Moreover, it is not cost a mother any special or extra energy to wash diapers. A mother just needs a single hot wash and then two cold rinses and the job is done.

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It is very hard to use cloth diapers

As stated from the beginning, many of the myths that the proponents of disposable diapers are using against cloth diapers have to do with the diapers that our mothers and grandmothers used in the former years. The claim that it is very difficult to use cloth diapers and that it takes you some extra time to do so. But the fact is that modern diapers come fitted with Velcro and hence there is no extra effort needed to change or put them on.

Cloth diapers leak and you can’t use them overnight

Another myth is that cloth diapers leak more than disposable diapers and hence you cannot use them overnight. But the fact is that most of the leaks that the disposable crusaders are talking about are a result of misfitting and they can still be recorded with disposable diapers if they are not fitted well.

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